About the Work 

The Yat/Bentley Centre approach to training is grounded in the lineage of Rudolf Laban, Carl Jung, and ultimately Yat Malmgren, whose resulting body of work Movement Psychology/Character Analysis affords the actor an in-depth study of the relationship between the inner and the outer life.  

Employing the tenets of Movement Psychology, our courses guide each student through a detailed and demanding training that interrogates the four foundational pillars of personality and character: the sensing center, the intellectual center, the emotional center, and the center of intuiting.

We meet each person exactly where they are, right now, regardless of training or experience. This allows for rapid growth and shifts, both personally and artistically, in any student willing to commit and take the risk. In the work, the performer can transform so as to become unrecognizable.

Students have the visceral experience of becoming and feeling free in unexpected ways, accessing parts of themselves with which they usually don't have contact.  The body, not the mind, makes key discoveries to free the artist up quickly, reliably, and deeply. Through improvisations, text and written scenarios, the work delivers ground-shifting discoveries and a capacity for inner character transformation not taught by American techniques.