Tom Bentley-Fisher

Artistic Director, master teacher, founder

Tom has been the artistic director of five professional theatres, directed over one hundred productions and has taught master and ongoing classes at universities, theater schools and private studios in California, Canada, England and Spain. He began as an actor, training in New York and London with Sanford Meisner and Yat Malmgren, and then performed in London’s West End before moving on to directing and teaching. Today Tom is Artistic Director of Tant per Tant Theatre and Film, an international, multi-lingual theater company based in Canada, and is Artistic Director of the Yat Performance Center, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He splits his time between Canada, America and Spain.

You can reach Tom any time at tom [at] yatbentley [dot] com


Leah Herman

associate yat teacher, co-founder


Pamela Hollings



Adam Kotin

associate yat teacher


Aurora de Blas

associate Yat Teacher, Los Angeles


Lavinia Hollands

Director Yat/ Bentley Centre, England, and Director of International Development


Miranda Bentley

assistant to the artistic director, curator of sunday salon series


Greta Turken

yat/bentley centre representative, nyc


Sophie Becker

Digital and Social Media