Classes & Trainings

The Yat/Bentley Centre offers a range of classes and trainings for actors, writers, directors, and performers of all stripes. Whether early, mid or professional career, our dynamic program is geared to bring out the unexpected and visionary in us all. Students are trained in the following areas that are fundamental to Yat’s work:

  • Action and Effort

  • The 4 Mental Factors

  • The 4 Motion Factors

  • The 8 Working Actions

  • The 6 Inner Attitudes (Character Types)

  • The 4 Externalized Drives.

  • The confluence of Externalized Drives.

  • Scenarios for all Inner Attitude types

Commitment to work, punctuality, and discipline are an absolute requirement. This is an intense program that requires deep emotional involvement, consistency and serious commitment in order to fully benefit from the program.

Semesters run September through December and January through June.


fall 2018 • Acting training
Sept. 2018 - dec. 2018

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The acting training consists of:

  • 3-6 hours weekly of in-classroom acting education

  • 2-4 hours weekly of rehearsals

  • Homework and exercises as assigned by teachers


fall 2018 • Voice & Movement training
Sept. 2018 - Dec. 2018

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The voice and movement training courses include:

  • The Yat/Bentley Theatre Technique

  • Voice Technique

  • Movement for Actors

  • Additional training depending on needs of the ensemble and individual



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Email for information on current course openings and to submit an application. At this time, we accept applications from artists over 18 years old.